Mohamed’s Bubble :)

Esa Mäkinen wrote a negatively biased article containing erroneous information about Mohamed titled “Mohamed’s Bubble”, which was published in Helsingin Sanomat (HS) the largest daily newspaper in Finland on Sunday 18/3/2012. Mohamed released a factsheet setting the record straight on Monday 19/3/2012 triggering a storm of positive support on social and print media (ArcticStartup, Mediaviikko, Uusi Suomi, Iltalehti, Iltasanomat, Kauppalehti). As a result, HS corrected the online article and a correction was published in its print version on Tuesday 20/3/2012.

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Setting the Record Straight


“It was erroneous information, which was based on a double misunderstanding. My mistake, all the same.” -Helsingin Sanomat journalist Esa Mäkinen (

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What is the Disruption Manifesto?

Can David & Goliath be friends?

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