About Mohamed 2.0

Mohamed El-Fatatry, an Egyptian who grew up in the United Arab Emirates and came to Finland to study technology, knew that most young Muslims were like anyone else in the Western world. To demonstrate, at the age of twenty-one he created Muxlim, which became the largest Muslim lifestyle network in the world.

Mohamed 2.0: Disruption Manifesto is his story of what happened in the private corridors of Muxlim, Inc. and what he plans for the future.

“The Finnish-Swedish publishing house has published, in English, a great book for any start-up entrepreneur or business angel as an educational resource. For the rest of us Mohamed 2.0 works as quality entertainment, drama that even Hollywood would never have come up with. David J. Cord’s book is, even in its idealising, simply brilliant.”

Tommi Aitio, Kauppalehti, 23 April 2012

About Mohamed El-Fatatry

Entrepreneur, Coach & Columnist; Founder of Muxlim Inc., which became the world’s largest Muslim lifestyle network reaching millions of users in 190 countries. During his work at Muxlim, he was the first immigrant to receive the “President of Finland’s Internationalization Award” by President Halonen and was among 200 business leaders recognized by President Obama at the “Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship”.

He was also named by Georgetown University and the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center among the world’s “500 Most Influential Muslims” three years in a row, by Arabian Business Magazine among the world’s “500 Most Powerful Arabs”, by Chief Executive Magazine among the “Leaders of Tomorrow” and has accompanied President Ahtisaari as a speaker at the “Nobel Peace Forum”.

He is one of the authors of the “Islamic Marketing Handbook” (Edward Elgar, 2011), and has written the growth entrepreneurship column for Tekniikka & Talous (Technology & Economy, 2011/2012), the leading Finnish business and technology newspaper.

Mohamed is now Founder & Chief Disruptor at Dixrupt Inc., a company that specializes in coaching individuals, startups and institutions on entrepreneurship, collaboration and disruption, and in building collaborative online platforms. Since its founding, the company has served over 20 prestigious organizations on a global scale.

About the author

David J. Cord

David J. Cord spent fifteen years in the investment industry, as salesman, administrator and hedge fund manager. He has been a contributor to the Helsinki Times newspaper since its foundation, reporting on business and authoring its most popular column.

An American by birth, David married a Finn and moved to Finland in 2005. He lives in Helsinki with his beautiful wife Niina and his globe-trotting dog Orion.